Obtaining help

Nitro Pro 7 features a Help tab giving you access to different tools to access product documentation and other online resources; such as the Knowledgebase and the User Forum.

The Help tab panels


  • User Guide: Launches the product manual, which you are reading now. You can also launch the document by pressing F1

Online Support

  • Knowledge Base: Launches your default web browser, which automatically loads the online Knowledge Base to help you find solutions to known issues, and to explain other concepts in greater detail

  • Ask a Question: gain access to the online user community of Nitro Pro 7. Here, you can participate in discussions regarding PDF technologies and other subjects related to the PDF world

  • Share an Idea: Do you have any suggestions which can improve Nitro Pro 7? We value your suggestions, and hope to integrate any ideas that can help improve the product

  • Report a Problem: Allows you to report any bugs or issues you experience


  • Improvement Program: Help us understand the way you work by allowing the software to send anonymous information about your usage patterns. This information does not disclose any private data, but merely collects statistics on the tools you use most

  • Check For Updates: Check if any updates are available, or make sure that you are using the most recent version of Nitro Pro 7

  • About: View details such as the software version, Nitro’s web addresses, and licensing information

Obtaining help