Forms are one of the most common uses of PDF documents. Using form tools and JavaScript you can create dynamic, interactive documents, and create alternatives for writing complex HTML code when hosting forms on web sites. Nitro PDF Professional includes several tools that can be used for creating PDF forms. Each tool offers a number of different settings to control form behavior and appearance.

When a PDF form is opened in Nitro Pro, the Information bar (above the document pane area) appears, notifying the user that the file contains forms fields.

Forms preferences

The forms preferences provide you with additional control over how you work with PDF forms. Preferences include:

  • Automatically calculate field values: A PDF form containing many complex and interdependent form calculations can affect how well a PDF viewer performs. If you use this kind of form regularly, or know you’re about to fill in such a form, consider turning off this preference.
  • Highlight form fields: A PDF form can be difficult for people to use as it is not always visibly clear what areas of the file must be filled in. When this preference is turned on, each time a form is opened in Nitro Pro, all form fields will display using the background color specified here. You can also specify a different color to use in highlighting fields that are required.
  • Double click form field opens: When designing forms, there are two different ways to access key properties and appearance settings: via the Properties context ribbon (located at the top of the screen), or via the Properties dialog (which opens as separate window). This preference allows you to choose which method will be used when you double-click a form field to edit it.

To edit form preferences:

  1. Click the File menu button and then click Preferences
  2. Click Forms and update your preferences
  3. Click OK