Document level JavaScript

You can use JavaScript to add an almost infinite number of interactive features, create complex calculation formulas, and add more dynamic functionality to your PDFs.

Document level scripts are used to add functions from which other scripts can reuse routines throughout a PDF file. You can also use document level JavaScripts to invoke actions when a file opens.

To write a document level JavaScript

  1. Open the PDF in Nitro Pro 7
  2. On the Forms ribbon tab, in the JavaScript group, click Document Level
  3. Click New, and type a name for the JavaScript
  4. In the JavaScript Editor dialog, enter your code. In the example below, a simple routine is created that opens an alert dialog box each time the file opens The code used is:

    var msg = “Created in Nitro PDF Professional”;

  5. Click OK. If your script was written properly, a dialog box should display each time the file is opened

Add or edit document level JavaScript