Summarize comments

Nitro Pro 7 enables you to quickly summarize all of the comments contained in your PDF documents. Summarizing comments allows you to view all of the comments alongside the contents of the document. When comments are summarized, each comment is displayed as a callout alongside the original PDF page, allowing you to quickly view the contents of each comment side-by-side with the original document. Each callout is also assigned an ID, and an accompanying summary table lists each comment by ID, along with the contents and other details of the comment. This makes it very convenient to view all of the comments at once, as well as flip back and forth between pages of the document to view comments individually. You can choose whether to summarize comments for viewing onscreen (as PDF) or on paper. You can also customize how you would like the summarized comments to display and print in the Summarize Comments Settings or via Preferences.

To summarize comments as PDF:

  1. On the Review tab, in the Review group, click Summarize Comments. The Summarize Comments dialog appears.

  2. Specify the desired page range

  3. Click OK


TIP: If you want to configure settings for printing and summarizing, on the Summarize Comments dialog, click Settings.

To summarize comments for printing:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the File menu, go to the Print sub-menu, and choose Print with Comments Summary

    • On the Review tab, in the Review group, click the arrow below Summarize Comments, then choose Summarize Comments and Print

  2. In the Print Document With Comments Summary dialog, specify a page range

  3. Click OK


TIP: If you want to configure settings for printing and summarizing, on the Print Document With Comments Summary dialog, click Settings.

To edit Printing and Summarizing preferences:

  1. On the File menu, click Preferences. The Nitro PDF Professional Preferences dialog appears.

  2. Click Commenting to expand the entry, and choose Printing and Summarizing.

  3. Configure any of the following printing and summarizing settings:

    • Sort comments by: Specify how comments are sorted in the summary table, including location on the page, author, creation or modification times, and comment type

    • Font: Specify the font to use in comment summary information. The comment callouts and the summary table use this font.

    • Header text size: Sets the size of the header text. The header text is displayed across the top of each callout, as well as across the top of the summary table.

    • Body text size: Sets the size of the body text, which is the body of each comment callout, and contents of the comment in each row of the summary table

    • Line style: sets the style of line that points from the summary callouts to the location of the comment in the PDF document

    • Page margins: Sets the size of the margins on the summary page. Large page margins provide more room for the, whereas small margins let you see a larger version of the original PDF page.

    • Print comment’s details (author, creation date and time): Check this checkbox to include the comment author, creation date and time in the summary details

    • Exclude pages containing no comments: Only pages that contain comments are included in the summary if you check this checkbox. This saves time and paper when you summarize large documents, since any uncommented pages are excluded from the output file or print version.

    • Add a border to the original page: Check this checkbox to draw a border around the edges of the original page, and position summary information outside the border

    • Comment sizes: Specify the width and height of the comment callouts

  4. Click OK to save your settings





Summarize comments