Attachments Pane

The Attachments Pane gives you a centralized place to see and organize and save file attachments in a PDF document. It lets you view, insert, delete and export any files that are attached to your PDF file.


This pane is a content-aware element, and its tab is visible in the side-bar only if the PDF document contains attachments.

To show or hide the Attachments pane:

In the sidebar, click the Attachments tab to toggle visibility of the Attachments pane

To manage attachments in the Attachments pane:

In the Attachments Pane, click on an attachment to select it, and do one of the following:

  • To view the attachment in the default viewer for that type of file, click Open

  • To save the attachment on your hard-drive, click Save


NOTE: You can select many attachments by holding the Ctrl key as you click on different items.


For more information, see Attach a file and Attach files as annotations.

Attachments Pane