Nitro PDF web browser plugin

How to use the Nitro PDF web browser plugin

When you click a PDF file in your web browser, the Nitro PDF web browser plugin reads the file and displays it in the web browser. To show the Nitro PDF web browser plugin tools, hover your mouse cursor near the bottom of the window:


NitroPDF web browser%20plugin Nitro PDF web browser plugin


The Nitro PDF web-browser plugin has the following tools:

  • The + and – buttons adjust the zoom level

  • The Print button opens the Print dialog

  • The Email button opens your default email client, creates a new email message, and attaches the PDF file to the message

  • The Nitro button opens Nitro Pro 7 and loads the PDF file so you can work with the PDF

The Nitro PDF browser plugin supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome version 9 and above

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 and above

  • Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 and above

Configure the Nitro PDF browser plugin

The Nitro PDF browser plugin is installed with Nitro Pro 7, though you may need to configure your web-browser to make the Nitro PDF the default PDF reader plugin.

To configure Google Chrome

  1. Click the spanner button, “Customize and control Google Chrome”

  2. Select Options, and then Under the bonnet

  3. Select Content Settings, and then Disable Individual Plug-ins…

  4. On the plug-ins page, click Disable under Chrome PDF Viewer, and disable the Adobe PDF plugin if it is installed

  5. Confirm that the Nitro PDF Plug-In is present and enabled

To configure Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Load a PDF file in Internet Explorer. A message appears: This website wants to run the following add-on: ‘Nitro PDF Professional’ from ‘Nitro PDF Software’. If you trust the website and the add-on and want to allow it to run, click here…

  2. Click the Information Bar to enable the Nitro PDF browser plugin

  3. When prompted, confirm that you wish to run the Nitro PDF browser plugin

To configure Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open the Firefox menu, and select Add-ons. The Add-ons Manager appears, and lists all Firefox add-ons installed

  2. In the Plugins section, make sure the Nitro PDF Plug-In is installed. It should have the same version number as Nitro Pro 7

  3. If an Adobe PDF reader is present, click its Disable button

  4. Restart Firefox for your changes to take effect

Nitro PDF web browser plugin