Page through the document

Step through the pages

NitroPDF page controls Page through the document

To adjust the view, use the page Page Controls options on the bar at the bottom of the window:

  • Step through pages incrementally: click the Previous page (2) or Next page (3) arrow

  • Jump to the start or end of the document: click the First page (1) or Last page (4) arrow

  • Retrace your viewing history back or forward: click the Previous view (5) or Next view (6) arrow

  • Jump to a specific page: in the page numbering field, enter the page number


TIP: You can also use the Page up and Page down keys to scroll, as well as the left and right arrow key to jump to the next or previous page.

To scroll smoothly between pages:

Click and slide the scroll bar on the right side of the document pane to gradually scroll through pages of the document.


TIP: You can also use the up or down arrow keys, or the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll smoothly through pages in a PDF document.

Page through the document