Search and find text

To search for a word or phrase in a PDF file, use the Find field in the top-right corner of the Nitro Pro 7 window.

NitroPDF find bar Search and find text

To find text in a document:

  1. Click in the Find field (1) or press Ctrl+F, and enter the search keyword or phrase you want to find

  2. If you want to use search filters (4) and (5), click the down arrow

  3. Click the Find Next (2) or Find Previous (3) arrows to locate the next or previous instance of your search term

  4. To stop the search at any time, press Escape

  5. To clear the Find field, press the X button, which replaces the magnifying-glass icon when there is text in the Find field


NOTE: Find searches through text on the content layer only. It ignores the Annotation layer.

Search and find text