Print to Nitro PDF Creator 2

If you use an application that can print files, then you can also use that application to create PDF documents. Nitro Creator 2 is included in Nitro Pro 7, and is a virtual printer that enables you to create a PDF file from any application capable of printing. Nitro Creator 2 is ready to use without requiring any configuration, and is automatically installed to your Windows printer manager.

To print a document to Nitro Creator 2

  1. Open the document you wish to convert in its authoring program. For example, a Word document in Microsoft Word, or online content in your web browser.

  2. Most applications have a Print command in the File menu. Select it, or press Ctrl+P.

  3. From the printer list, choose Nitro Creator 2, and then confirm that you wish to print. The Create PDF dialog opens.

  4. Do the following:

    • Enter a name and location to save the PDF file

    • If you want to save the document details and customize advanced settings (explained below) as the PDF is being created, click Prompt for Document Properties

    • Specify whether you want the PDF to be opened automatically after it is created

  5. Click Create


TIP: To append your document to an existing PDF file, save the new PDF file to the same folder and file name as the original PDF document. Nitro Creator 2 asks you whether you want to insert it at the beginning of the exiting file, add it at the end, overwrite the original file, or cancel.

Set the Document Properties

When you create a PDF document by printing a file with Nitro Creator 2, you can specify properties of the PDF document.


To set document properties:

  1. In the Print dialog, click Printer Properties. The Nitro Creator 2 Properties dialog appears

  2. Specify the document properties, and click OK to return to the Print dialog.


TIP: To view document properties in Nitro Pro 7, in the File menu, click Document Properties.


For more information about PDF document properties, see The Nitro Creator 2 Printing Preference dialog in Nitro PDF Creator Preferences.

Print to Nitro PDF Creator 2